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Granny flats offer you an incredible way to invest your money. If you are searching for easy maintenance and low-cost investment opportunities, you need to find the best granny flat builders in Sydney. A granny flat refers to a fully-featured house that might be smaller in size but not tiny. 

Usually, it consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living area. These flats are a great way to increase the overall value of the properties and increase the area. That is because; these can yield reliable rental income sources, which can help many people deal with their mortgages. And you do not have to deal with any stress anymore as you get appropriate funds to manage such mortgage hassles.

How Lucrative Are These Granny Flats?

If you plan to expand your family, you would be looking out for some additional space to accommodate the other members. If you have some guests over, you would require some extra rooms to provide comfort and accommodation. Or if you are starting your newly wedded life with your partner, you still might need a personal space to yourselves. In such situations, these granny flats in Sydney act as the best options for you. These properties minimize the disturbances caused to the home and also offer some privacy level to your space. That means you get to enjoy your private, intimate space with your loved ones without moving away from your extended family. But how to get such amazing properties across your location at affordable prices? Well, we are here to minimize this worry as well. At Building blog, we have a panel of experts to help you get innovative and creative solutions to all such worries at the earliest.

Your Dream Granny Flats

You just have to let our professional team know about your specific requirements. And we would be happy to lay down the ideal plan for designing and building the granny flats as per your instructions. Our continuous zeal to provide you with the best real estate properties makes us one of the top-rated granny flat builders in the market. 

We are in the business for quite some time now. And till now, we have delivered multiple projects at strict deadlines to our clients. We understand that people look forward to real estate properties for both buildings, their dream homes, and investment plans. Therefore, we strike the perfect balance between sustainable development and innovative designs to provide you with the best properties at lucrative deals in the market. Check out granny flat packages, for instance.

Surprising Granny Flat Packages For You

At Building blog, we focus on delivering you quality services. But we also aim to quote the best prices in the market. However, we assure you that we never like to compromise with our building services’ quality even if we offer you never-seen deals on our properties. Here are a few essential facts about our brick granny flat available in the market for your reference:

  • The Brick Veneer Granny Flat 60m2 is available at $115,000 along with site conditions and GST. However, the Cladded Granny Flat 60m2 is available at $105,000 with specific site conditions and GST.
  • All these designs are approved by CDC and available with 2600mm high ceiling designs
  • The designs also come along with 2360mm high hollow core internal doors
  • You get to select from a wide selection range as the builder has a versatile series available for you
  • The properties consist of 20x LED Downlights, 1x Outdoor PowerPoint, 2x External Lights, 1x Garden Tap, wall and ceiling insulation batts, thick plasterboard, frameless shower screen, full tiled floors, and many more such aspects.
  • You get a custom-made polyurethane kitchen with in-built wardrobes for all bedrooms, a kitchen with an oven and sliding range hood, a clothesline and builders range mailbox, etc.


However, these prices are valid only for Sydney residents only. The price excludes the piercing, site costs, removal costs, excavation charges, demolition costs, concrete pathways, driveways, external tiling and air conditioning, landscaping, and edge thickenings for the slab. Please note that the final prices for the real estate properties can change according to the company standards. 

To know more details about these properties, you can call us today and check out the Studio Package available for these granny flats. Our Building blog customer support team is always ready to cater to your questions without any problems in case of any queries.  We also provide renovation servicesduplex building services, etc. Please give us a call today to get a free quote for these properties now.

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